Get your cycle support supplements from Mr. Supps during our Christmas Sale!!!


Beast ***e!!!

Great Discounts...YOUR choice of supplements!!!

Are you tired of us picking out which deals you will get every week? Something you wanted was not on sale last time?

For the entire month of December until January 1st, we are giving you big savings on our entire store excluding stacks and clearance items. Get 10% off of every order, or 15% off if you spend $200 or more! This is a limited time offer, so come take advantage and get the products YOU want for prices that don't come around often.

Hey...what a great sale to follow our epic Black November sale huh???

And don't forget...ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!!!

Your good Brother of Iron!!!
MA and the Muscle Research Team


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Great way to get increased savings on whatever you may need as you head into a new year! You've already got low prices and free shipping, so this is just icing on the cake. And if you're someone who uses (or may want to use) pro-hormones/DS, now is the time to grab some of your favorites that may no longer be available much longer.

And if you haven't checked out the weekly promos with a chance to win a free product just for voting, head on over! This week is a tough one with GABA, creatine, and LCLT all duking it out for the chance to win!


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