GH and AS, gains


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Will the GH help me gain more size while on the AS? Or just help me keep more of it after I come off the AS. I plan on running GH for 3 months at 4 IU a day. And as far as hyperplasia is concerned how much GH or how long do I have to be on in order for this to take place? And is insulin a factor in it?

also can you run 7 days a week 4 iu a day, for 6 months(this is what i am doing)in my 5 week
Running GH for three months will have nice effects at that dosage. Gaining size is not that big of a difference with GH....You'll need more IU's for a huge diffference. I have been running GH for four months at 2iu's and I am loosing BF all over. I would not worry about SLIN....but if you want size then it might be an option ..IF YOUR EXPERIENCED!! Make sure you take T3 .......increasing dosage as time goes! later bro!
I'd run it 2iu for 6months if it's your first time and 7 days a week is ok. I'm going ed for 6-8 months at 2iu at night or for life if I can get a script;)

Going to try an recreate the puberty stage. From what I've been reading I like the idea of night time injections. Someday I'll add slin, I'll do a night time with a slin/hgh injection post workout.