GH with Prop, Tren, T4


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GH with Prop, Tren, T4?

Wuts up guys, I was looking for a little input on my next cycle. I am 24 years old and played collegiate football. I know some of you probably think I am too young but I already have the GH and I am gonna use it so dont say not to. I finished a couple of years ago and got out of working out. I have gained some fat and I am looking to get rid of it. I have done 4 cycles before and I am getting some GH for a very good price. I am looking to mainly lean out from this cycle while gaining some strength and lean muscle. I am looking at doing the GH for 12 weeks to see how I like it and then I may get some more. I was gonna run the Test Prop and Tren for 10 weeks while doing the T4 for all 12 weeks. Here is how it will look and I wanted to see what yall thought about this cycle:

Weeks 1-12: 3 IU's ED 5on/2off
Weeks 1-12: T4 @ 100mcg ED 5on/2off? or 7 days?
Weeks 3-12: Tren Acetate @ 100mg EOD
Test Prop @ 100mg EOD

Let me know what you think!!
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i dont think youll see anyhting from the gh intill your cycle is over, but this is my first time using it also.