Glutamine/insulin/Growth Hormone connection by Huck Finn


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Hey fellas.For those of you that are unaware,glutamine is the most highly concentrated amino acid present in muscle tissue.A lack of it can be severely detrimental,not only to training/growth,but overall health as well(as it supports healthy immune system function).I've dug up yet another interesting read from the notorious Dharkam on this special amino acid,and drugs that work to effectively enhance its absorbtion/prevent its escape.ENJOY.....
If some hormones cause glutamine depletion(cortisol being a primary culprit),then others have the opposite effect.Insulin is your first ally in glutamine manipulation.Glutamine is one of the few amino acids whose entry into the muscle cell can be enhanced by insulin,and you can certainly see the advantage of that.Any attempt to load up on glutamine should take advantage of an insulin-boosting effect.Some of the favorable actions of insulin are brought about by its influence on sodium.Insulin helps your muscle cells get rid of the extra sodium,which is a very interesting property in light of the sodium invasion that normally follows training.What's more,the anabolic effects of insulin and glutamine reinforce each other and can only be maximum when both are present.
Growth hormone(GH)was made to work with glutamine,and vice versa.Bodybuilders have long been aware of the close relationship between the two because the fact that oral glutamine can increase GH.On the other hand,they may not be aware that GH also increases glutamine levels in both blood and muscles without the necessity of any particular dietary alterations.Therefore,GH is truly the mighty ally you're looking for in glutamine manipulation.One of the ways GH works is to limit the wasting of glutamine in the liver,where it can be transformed into urea.The urea is ultimately excreted in the urine,which means the glutamine is wasted,simply because there's a catabolic process at work.Research has shown that GH shunts the"extracted glutamine nitrogen from urea via hapatic glutamate release".The newly formed glutamate can be transformed into glutamine in the muscle cells.So,instead of allowing glutamine to be urinated as a waste product,GH favors the recycling of it.GH also has another major preserving effect on glutamine in the kidneys.One of the major reasons glutamine degradation is accelerated after training is that lactic acid accumulates in the blood.That lowers blood plasma pH and forces the kidneys to extract circulating glutamine at a very fast pace.GH helps your kidneys to get rid of the acid load and as a result reduces their need for glutamine.Oral glutamine synergizes with GH at that point,not only by increasing the GH level,but also by helping the hormone get rid of the lactic acid that's generated by training.Other favorable effects of GH on glutamine are brought about indirectly by the elevation of Insulin-like growth-factor(IGF-1),a peptide that shares many of the positive actions of insulin on glutamine.
Well,you fellas that are using GH and insulin should really consider loading up on glutamine in conjunction with these hormones in the future(if not already doing so)as you can see glutamine has the ability to ENHANCE their performance,and vice versa.As always,hope you guys enjoyed,and happy growing.....Huck