Good Luck Fatchops!!!!


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Good luck this weekend sweetie!!!! Kick some ass! Got all your goodies packed and ready to go? When did you start your carb loading and are you doing any fat loading?
Thanks soo much, I really appreciate the support I will try my best. I am carb loading today, thank god he he and cutting my water on fri at noon. I am dialed in and on pase to hit my goal. I will let you guys know how I do. Thanks again Steroidology board, much props. Thanks for all the help too
BTW, Mr. Jay Cutler himself is guest posing too, so that is a plus, he is my fav BB. He is going to be here on friday at a mall signing stff, maybe if I am not tired enough I wil go down there and get some photos.
Best of luck bro! If you have a digi-cam, take it backstage too. You can get some pix of Jay. You'll likely get to watch him pump up for the show!

Okay, I'm anxious here! Fat Chops, how did u do? Did you have a good time up there? What song did u pose to?
Well it went really well man, it was an experience of a life time. I took fifth in the open Middleweight division. My class was tough man, there was some dudes that looked good, but yeah they were older then me, I was the youngest out of my class the youngest after me was 31yrs old. Well I am tired ass hell but it was fun, I got to meet Jay Cutler and eat dinner with him so that was cool. Besides that it was an expereince that I will never forget. Well I will post pic in the pic forum. Thanks again for the support.