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I am sure everyone has had a chance to read up on DOGCRAPP'S
Cycle theory,,,,,,

4 weeks on 3 weeks off clomid therapy with a cruise dose of 300 mlgs test.....

During the cycle test would be the base...Eq or Fina will be used as an addition............

Here is his article....

Without sounding cocky I am a very advanced bodybuilder down here in San Diego--cruising at 285lbs or so and going up over 300 this year (again) I came from a very very hard gaining and skinny genetic structure (140lbs about 10 years ago)so gains have never come easy and I didnt start super supplements until I was 225 clean (took me 6 years). (I use food as my chief anabolic) What I am amazed at is the number of 180 to 220lb bodybuilders on the net who spend ungodly amounts of money and use so many different exotic compounds thinking that it is the endall super stack of all stacks. And they take huge, huge risks in trying to acquire these drugs. I have had an abundance of pro and top amateur friends to gain the knowledge that pretty much -these top people in the sport are blasting high amounts of test as the base drug in the offseason to put on pro size with mostly one (sometimes two) other compounds (usually fina, or equipoise or some other non exotic drug). (and gh if it can be afforded). I firmly believe you will gain 2 times the amount of muscle off of 2 grams of test either alone or with another compound than having some kind of exotic stack involving 3 to 6 exotic hard to get expensive compounds. The receptor site theories have proven to be bunk. The cheapest and best stack I can think of anyone doing to put on major size is a gram or two of test with arimidex to keep water off with fina 75 to 150mg every other day for 4 weeks --then 2 to 3 weeks of cruising (test at 300-400mg and clomid at 5 (day one), 4(day two), 3(day three),then 2 every day for 2 weeks)--and then back on everything full again (maybe equipoise used instead of fina this time)for 4 weeks (then 2 to 3 weeks cruising again etc etc)---if you cant gain gobs of muscle on that nothing exotic (masteron, etc etc etc) surely isnt going to do it for you. Testosterone is always the base for any gaining cycle of any pro freind Ive had or top people with whom I talked with off record. I have never even been over 1000mg of test myself (yet) but I see guys spending and using 10 times the amount I do weighing 70lbs less. I think there is a major problem when the easiest, cheapest and most potent things are right in front of people and they are off searching for substance B-737 undecylate in bulgaria

My question is can I use dbol and Test enath in the same manner and switch to deca and test...for the second phase????

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My question is can I use dbol and Test enath in the same manner and switch to deca and test...for the second phase????


I think when you run a 'short cycle' you should not use an AS with a long ester. Enathate, cyp, deca.. those take a while to kick in. An AS like prop, tren, and Winstrol (winny), I think, are much better for "short cycles."
Clomid with a 300 mg cruise dose of test ?

That's definately not a good idea..
There's now way your HPTA will recover while on....
Even a very low dose of test + antiestrogen will supress LH.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1979 Sep;49(3):396-8 Related Articles, Links

Evidence that testosterone can suppress pituitary gonadotropin secretion independently of peripheral aromatization.

Marynick SP, Loriaux DL, Sherins RJ, Pita JC Jr, Lipsett MB.

Testosterone (T) was given to normal men with and without the concomitant administration of the aromatase inhibitor, delta 1-testolactone (Teslac), to examine the role of peripheral aromatization of T in gonadotropin regulation. When T was administered alone by continuous iv infusion (15 mg/day for 4 days), serum T increased 3-fold (P less than 0.01) and estradiol (E) increased by 50% (P less than 0.01). These changes were associated with a 50% decrease in serum LH and FSH concentrations (P less than 0.01). When T was infused into men taking Teslac (2000 mg/day), serum T levels doubled (P less than 0.01), but E levels did not change (13.4 +/- 1.5 vs. 13.5 +/- 1.0 pg/ml; P = NS). This pattern of plasma steroids, increased T and unchanged E, was also associated with significantly decreased serum LH and FSH concentrations (14.5 +/- 0.4 vs. 8.0 + 0.4 mIU/ml and 9.9 +/- 2.5 vs. 5.8 +/- 0.1 mIU/ml, respectively; P less than 0.01). These data support the hypothesis that T or one of its metabolites can modulate LH and FSH secretion independently of peripheral aromatization to E.
Welcome and I second or maybe third or fourth by now the longer cycle. I don't think you really start getting the gains until weeks 4-8 so anything less than 8 weeks is a waste in my mind.