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As I sit here on my comp reviewing the plethora of busts lately, either in the form of controlled deliveries, or domestics going down, or vets who sell some things on the side. And I try to figure out the source of all this madness, I realized the reason for the busts was ourselves.

Let me explain, when I first came on the net (2 years ago) in search of anabolics, it was no easy task to find a source. They were hidden, buried deep within the message boards, and given only to people who earned respect and the right to be given a source, then a funny thing happened.....

Open source posting, I am not sure who was the first to start the trend, but once it started it was like an avalanche, meso became open source, triedia became open source, and a bunch of smaller boards started source sections (Mr. Spot Me's boards), now obtaining a source was easy, they were everywhere, they still are everywhere, but now so are the FEDS.

We have made the job of the FEDS very easy, they can log into meso and gather intelligence on sources (and us) in an instant, and its not just meso, its AB, its AU, its almost everywhere (but not here on

For a long time I thought, the Feds knew about AS but as long as rec drugs were not being sold with AS there was a blind eye turned towards AS. This was even evident in some of the caselaw I read and reviewed. But after the last few months, I think the feds are caring a lot more about AS, no rec drugs needed.

So are the Feds to blame? In a way...but they are just enforcing the law, there job. So maybe no one is to blame? Well...Perhaps. But better yet, in truth, WE ARE ALL TO BLAME, yes us, the internet bodybuilding community, this sub-culture we have carved out for ourselves. We have made it easy to access sources, too easy, and in turn we have made ourselves targets, and big easy to hit targets. Not only do we talk about sources, but as side notes we reveal personal details about our lives that can be traced and recorded, and forget about how much information a simple IP trace can reveal.

So what is the solution? I am glad you asked. I have now become an advocate for taking sources underground, I think we as a community for our own safety need to stop this open source posting everywhere. So what is required of you? We stop visiting sites that have open posting, we shun sources that flaunt there services. We patronize the sources that have a discreet small customer base, and rely on refferals from vets and mods. We give bsiness to international sources that operate with discreet e-mails and that do not openly post there services.

Will this stop busts or the Feds, no, it will not, but it will make there job harder, and it will make our lives safer. Do not think for a moment it does not piss the feds off to see so many open source boards flaunting the sale of narcotics. I am sure if the feds read this they may nod that it will stop there rush to kill sources, and the customers that keep those sources open for business.

Agree with me or disagree with me, but one point that can not be argued is that business can no longer continue as usual, we need to reform the system we have created, and yes we created it, you and I, and all the mods, and admins. We must change or risk being branded as a criminal and facing the leagal consequences for our AS usage.

Feel free to pass this along, or at least spread the message.


My thoughts:

Mods and Vets and others...though it's still too early to tell what kind of heat we are really going to have brought down upon us, perhaps it is time to really tighten things we have seen in the past few days, giving sources to little-knowns or unknowns IS dangerous for everyone...

I think that the feds will definitely waste less time on us if we didnt make it SO EASY to find a those of you who like to 'feel cool' (for lack of better) by giving out sources to unknowns, practice the always effective art of "shutting the fuck up" to be blunt.

Think about it, there are sources flying around when the feds can logon to any board and get 10 sources within a month or 2 of posting, of course they are going to go for it...good numbers...but if they were to have to spend months posting to become a respected member to finally get 1 or 2 domestic names, its doubtful they would dedicate the resources...and,

Newbies to the boards dont need a source right away, they need to spend a few months researching anyway before they hop on gear....

With this post and the other I am not trying to come off as a hardass...but I think things need to be cleansed a bit, we must adapt to survive so to speak.

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Good Post. He is right, things should change on Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) boards.
its very important to protect your source, so many people dont know what it used to be like, not being able to find one
needsize said:
its very important to protect your source, so many people dont know what it used to be like, not being able to find one

We should protect ourselves and this board. NO SOURCE POSTING.
Going to make it tough for all of us, and the risk will still be there, but if the shit is right in front of them then it will all dissapear at the rate things are going!
I agree that we need to protect our sources but I personally like the open source boards, but prefer a source that comes out for a little bit then goes underground once they build a customer base. I have been on the boards for over three years and have learned a lot and always nervious when i get emails about people asking for sources, I always tell them to stick around and learn and all will fall into place