Gynecomasty & liver problems - safe ways around?

Zac Metim

New member
I'm a 33 ys old amateur (currently 175 cm per 91 kg with normal bodyfat), who came back into proper training one year ago after a break of almost 5 years. The break had followed a few problems with my self-made steroid cycles (nothing incredible: Testoviron 250, one every third day on average plus some Winstrol, cycles of about two months each with brief intervals). I had developed a very fastidious gynocomasty and some liver problems. The gyno was solved surgically with liposuction & the removal of some (but not all) glandular tissue, and the weak liver remains (I passed hepatitis type B some ten years ago, so steroid stress added to that and I could not recuperate 100%).

Looking for extra gains, I am thinking to get back into drugs therapy, although of the mildest sort. I'm looking for some suggestions as to whether a mild boost would be safe (no reawakening of the gyno, not too much stress on liver) and how. Am I over-cautious? I am particularly seduced by the idea of exploring HGH. So guys, your experience would be most useful for me. Thanks in advance,