hair loss

and yes i did hit the search button and all i came up with was about winstrol hair loss.
they do not talk about hair loss from prop and tren cycle is it any differents between them???
You can use it to block the conversion of test into DHT.
If you're not happy with results add a topical antiandrogen.
tren causes hairloss through a mechanism other than dht, so proscar/finasteride or even a topical like spiro wont do much of anything. Tren will only hit your hairline if you are prone to that kind of hairloss, so you dont know till you hit it up...
Propecia will decrease the conversion of test prop. you'll be using into DHT, so it can help.
Spironolactone is an androgen receptor antagonist & can be used with any AS.
i got the last question for me to ask yall,
where can i buy somthing for the hairloss for the test and tren
and where can i buy some vitamin b-5???????????
If you are talking about the hair products place.........the hair savers package would do the trick. will take care of all your hair loss needs. Trust me though, none of them will work with tren, I've been on xandrox 12.5%, spiro and finasteride at the same time, and still had hair loss from tren