hard gainer needs to put on quality mass help with sust/deca/viramone/boldebal-h/napa


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i need some help!!!!!!!

im a hard gainer and my stats are: 26yrs o/age, 5'5 and 11 stone 12 pounds.

I've been cranking metal for about 4 yrs and and I've been using gear for 3 yrs on and off i also do cardio work (60-70% max h/r for 30 - 60 min 3 times a week). Trouble is I've got no reliable source of info on how to take the gear i buy. At the moment I'm thinking of doing the following cycle:

2 ml of deca a week (mon)
2 ml of Sustanon (sust) 250 a week (mon)
2 ml of viramone every other day
2ml of boldebal-h a week (fri)
1 tab of anapalon a day

any info would be very helpful
cheers for that welcome!

I'm 26 yrs o/age
5' 7
11 stone 12 pounds.
my cycle length can be as long or as short as need be.
Welcome to the board bro !!

What mg/ml concentration is your Deca & your Eq. The Sustanon (sust) and Virormones we all know.

Also, can you convert stones to either pounds or kilograms, that would be a big help.