heard of this company?


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anybody ever hear of globalanabolic company? heard they were new, supposed to have the best winstrol on the market because they mix their winstrol in not just water but sterilized water. just wondering if they are legit. let me know if you know. they sell their winstrol in 20 ml vials. if i find out they are legit , im gonna stock up
ive heard of and use global pharmaceuticals. the one i use is very good stuff.
i have their Winstrol (winny) tabs which are 50mg tabs and also they have a d-ball and anadrol mix tab. 25mg/25mg of each compound.

let us know how it pans out for you
Wait so they mix there Winstrol (winny) in not just regular water but STERILIZED water, wow thats crazy.
I thought all labs made their Winstrol (winny) in sterilized water as it is well known that water based steroids are highly open to contamination.
personally ive never had any bother but i do prefer the tablets over liquid unless it were to come from a proper human grade company
i just got the Winstrol (winny), they sold it to me for a crazy cheap price. 20 mls for 100 dollars. im interested in trying it , but right now im on my bulking cycle. i tested to see if it was fake. i let the Winstrol (winny) sit for an hour and the white part sunk to the bottom. looks like good stuff, cant wait to see