Help me with Lagging bodyparts!


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My Chest and Biceps are lagging. I need to bring them up to speed. I'm very confused as to what to do, I really wanna hit em hard, but there's all this talk about "overtraining".

How are you supposed to bring up a bodypart without hitting it harder? I will be doing this off cycle. I come off in a week and want to work on my pecs/bi's before I start my next cycle, which will be an all out cutter.


Exercise look like this right now:

3/4 Sets flat press (max 315)
3 sets Incline press
2/3 sets Dips
Sometimes Machine fly's
(I change the amount of sets depending on how I feel)

Just started doing EZ bar/BB curls again
DB Curls as well
(3 sets of each, keepin mind I work bi's after back which inclues deads, db rows, pullups and pulldowns.)
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weak body parts are always going to be behind...and also have to take into consideration genetics that mom and pop gave ya.
I don't really feel like you are going to be able to make much of an improvement off cycle, considering your muscularity at this point.
I normally wouldn't mind, I just always wanted a huge chest like Arnie. I've seen a lot of guys with small body parts than me but a much larger chest.

Lift, I know it's going to be hard to maintain my mass, never mind gain! but i'll try my best. Hopefully some creatine will help me feel like I'm on cycle.
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well, if your chest doesn't grow like that, there's nothing ya can do, bro. I could suggest not staring at the mirror quite as often.
Outlaw i think you can definately improve lagging bodyparts while off cycle. I think you can even train more intensely without having to worry bout overtraining. First off i think ur missing some of the most important exercise to chest development the incline and flat dumbell fly. Another way of working the muscle harder without doing to many sets is supersets. Remember a superset only counts as one set. Try supersetting benchpress with dips 4 sets. Then doing 4 sets of incline. Then doing dumbell flyes then some cable flyes. Switching the order of exercises up every week is very important as well. Really focus on working the muscle as hard as possible without overdoing it on the sets e.g. using supersets and diff exercises. Hope that helps u out some.