help me with my shin splints

i have the same problem dude.....i get madddd shin splints........just have to get used to em
quit whining ya pussy

j/k....just do some diff cardio, walking on an steep incline on a treadmill, diff cardio machines, run up and down the stairs in your dorm, interval stuff (sprint, walk, sprint...)
I went through this when I did double days in football we ran 2 hours twice a day.

my shin plints were so bad I went to the doctor

guess what they told me?

"you will never get rid of them, it just a fact of life"

well I said screw you for trying to impose limitations on me! how dare you say that to patients!

so here is what I did

I ran twice a day on my own, even on off days.........

and after 3 weeks of pain one day.......BAM!!!

I never had a shin splint again...........................=)

use your mind and your body will follow
yeah it happened to me...i was out of shape...started taking some test and then training very hard for boxing ... i got the worst shin splints. never got them before was definitely from the test...the pumps in my calves were probably too much for my out of shape tendons.
I think they will go away after training on them very hard too I just would eat like 3 asprin 45 min before running and that helped alot then after a few weeks they were gone and I could run without taking anything
Easto said:
Are you sure it is Shin Splints? It could be Compartment Syndrome Bro.

Doubt it, but good thought. Usually w/ comp syndrome, the swelling in the anterior musculature makes things so tight, that the pain is exquisite, even to the point of losing circulation and feeling in the extremity.