Help the N00B!


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hey what up im new.. I found this site 2day while I was lookin for some ways to get ripped..

im 6'2 220lb's I used to be pretty big....I was benching 310 squatting 300 or something. I know it sucks...I worked on my upper body to much...but I tried to bench 315 and tore my pectoral major and I just got back into lifting about a month ago....I'll try to get a pic up soon..I wanna know if I I run everyday eat right and take exenedrine or thermal cuts...could I drop 15 pounds in a month? I lost 12 in a week the last time I tried it..but I was 17 now im 19...if that matters?
15 in one month is alot of weight. Average of 2ibs in one month is reasonable. Dropping too much weight at once u risk getting it back.
but yes decrease in calories with lots of cardio and working out will cause u too lose weight. With a good diet