Herb: Puncture Vine


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Puncture Vine
Tribulus terrestris

Parts Used: Flowers, Fruits, Leaves, Stems

Phytochemicals: Astragalin, beta-sitosterol, campesterol, chlorogenin, diosgenin, gitogenin, kaempferol, quercetin, ruscogenin, rutin, stigmasterol

Nutrients: Amino acids, calcium, essential fatty acids, iron, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin C

Puncture Vine, also known as Caltrop, is most often called by its scientific name: Tribulus terrestris. I dont know why, its hard to say. ;) Sp anyways, when i read about it and what it is supposed to do, it seems like a great herb, but i have never heard anybody tell me it was awesome. However, i have had a few older gentlemen come back to me after a couple months and tell me that it does help. So basically, i wouldnt say take it and expect anything huge unless you are older (40+).

Known Uses for Puncture Vine:
  • improves sex drive
  • eases menopausal symptoms
  • stimulates production of male hormones and helps balance them
  • stimulates production of female hormones and helps balance them as well
  • enhances the immune system
  • helps build muscle
  • helps increase stamina and endurance
  • has antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory actions
  • useful as a generic tonic and revitalizer for the liver, kidneys, and urinary tract

Tribulus terrestris may be useful to you, i hope so after this typing ;)