Hey Nutri-Wrestler


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Couldnt help but notice something you said in one of your posts.

"i will be eating 2 large pizzas and anything i see (plus $20 worth of easter candy that i bought and saving till that day)".

After dieting for a show, you dont wanna go and pig out like that on garbage. Trust me i know. I had 2 bags of halloween candy AT my show that i ate after i came off at the night show. I killed crap for a week. Youl be suprised how fast after dieting your body will suck that shit up and put fat on. Dont do it, i regret it and will never do it again. Stay tight, enjoy the look, and ease back into your normal eating habits. You can have some crap but dont go nuts.
LOL! If I ate $20 worth of candy I would puke my guts out. If I was dieting for a show, by the time I got to the end I would definitely go for the pizza though.

Nutri-Wrestler, how is the dieting going right now?
Pizza is what I went for. Then I killed pancakes and protein bars for a week. I ate so much that my stomach hurt for about 2 weeks. But i'll never do that again. This time, after my show is over, i'm gonna stay somewhat lean(hopefully in preparation for nationals) but we'll see how that goes.
im just so anxious to eat the candy though. yesterday i got me a hollow easter bunny and i am gonna fill it with hershey's syrup and freeze it.

i dont im gonna eat it all at once, but im gonna eat some....

dieting is going ok i guess, it sucks and im losing my memory (along with muscle and fat). all i can say is i cant wait for it to be over...