HGH question. How long does Serostim actually last?


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I keep it refrigerated, and I am hearing a lot of different answers. Some say only 48-72 hours, others say longer. I'm using the sterile water in the vials that comes with the kit, but my buddy says I need some type of special Bio-static water that allows the molecule (sp) to last up to 28 days?? Now, since I'm only doing 2iu's a day, thats nine days for each vile. I hope my shit is still good.
if you only use the steril water, the gh will only last 24-48 hours. have to use the b-static if you want itlst up to 2 weeks
you've got to be kidding me! Shit, So the last several shots I've done are a waste? I'm doing 2 iu's ed, (comes out to 9 days per vial) and I'm just using the sterile water. SHIT! should I throw the stuff out?