Here's something I pulled from a book called Total Nutrition, i found it very interesting. Here goes:

Honey is another of those "natural" goods surrounded by more myth and mystique than reality. Actually, it differs very little from sucrose. While table sugar is pure sucrose, honey is a mixture of sugars(fructose,glucose, sucrose, etc.) formed from nectar by an enzyme--honey invertase--present in the bodies of bees.
A tablespoon of Table sugar contains 46 calories, a tablespoon of honey contains 64.

Personally, I think sugar is sugar, it's all calories. If you're going to go by the glycemic index, then fructose would be your choice.
The comparison of the three: Glucose 100(GI)
Honey 87(GI)
fructose is bad at replacing muscle glycogen. Honey on the other hand, is great pre workout meal, or post workout solid meal. A sugar is not a sugar, all carbs are sugars, Glycemic index honeslty does not have too much meaning, unless your trying to get in say contest condition. Who here eats just a piece of white bread or a bowl of rice for a meal? Mixed meals drastically change GI.
Oh my, I just read my own post....hehehe...should have elaborated a little on the sugar is sugar thing. I meant to me, a sugar is still a sugar when dieting down, not meaning they are all equal. Whoops, should have mentioned that. I tend to always look at things in the dieting for contest context. Guess i shouldn't do that.

The best type of carb for refueling after a workout is a carb with a high glycemic index. Because high glycemic index foods replenish glycogen best, you should consume at least 50g of these carbohydrates as soon as possible after exercise.
Honey is a good post workout choice. A research study found that combining honey with a protein supplement may boost post workout recovery and help prevent drops in blood sugar after exercise. In this particular study, honey outperformed maltodextrin -a starch that has been the standard among recovery carbs