How do I keep my energy during a cycle

too swole

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I'm gonna start my next cycle I have not decided what to go with 1ad/4adtrans or super1+. My question is how can I keep my energy levels up safely. I won't take an eca with it because of B.P. concerns and I want to keep my calories high. Any ideas on how to battle the lack of energy from a p/h-p/s cycle?
Theres a new product from called PowerTrain. Its an ephedrine free, energy booster . You may want to check it out or try some green tea.
I raise my carb intake when I powerlift to increase energy natuarally, pastas, breads, also eating 2-3 bananas gives a good boost too.
I stay away from the energy boosters because they make my heart race and I feel like shit when I come down off em, but it is an advantage to some, I just prefer the natural way.