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Ok, so...I thought I would share my stats, training regime, diet, cycles, all of it. Some things I cannot say because I don't know who may be watching...I am engaged to a moderator on BBX (which is where I was) , Muscle Mayhem (I think) and 1moreRep. He has been in the game for a loooong time,( more games than you know) personal trains, and has taught me almost everything I know.

I started working out 3.5 years ago. I was 104 lbs...soft as a pillow! I am currently 140, 5'4", @ 14% BF., 121lbs. LBM Up until about 1 yr ago, I was in the gym M-F weights, then 30-45 min. of cardio. I was getting nowhere fast, and wanting to do a show this year, and making no progress.
I then hooked up with Beverly International, and SWEAR BY their methodology. It has worked wonders for me. I had tried enough diets to shake a stick at! They gave me 3 diets, 1 for bulking, 1 for maintaining, and 1 for cutting. All of them reaped great benefits. It is expensive to change to their products, but I find the $$!!!

My training regime has varied also. I've done circuit, supersets, pyramid, and max weight for each rep/set. In my experience, I've had the greatest results w/ max weight, but I've kept it changed up. I have done 1 body part 1 day/week. I recently threw legs 2 x/wk into the mix, because my upper body was growing faster than my wheels. My measurements 3.5 yrs ago were: BUST: 33", WAIST: 26", ABDOMEN: 28", HIPS: 35, THIGH: 21", BICEP: 9.5".
My stats as of 3/02/03: BUST: 38.5" WAIST: 27", ABDOMEN: 29", HIPS: 38", THIGH: 23", SHOULDERS: 42.5", BICEP: 12.5". You can say I've made some progress! I do have a ways to go. These days it's getting REAL HARD to find clothes to fit right. I plan on doing my first show in November.
As for the AAS: I've messed around with t-3. Clen, and DNP; all to no avail. I saw virtually no benefits from any of it. Since I have almost anything available to me:
I did my first cycle last October of Ana Anavar (var). Max dosage: 15 mgs/day.Had a little acne, that's all. Made decent gains, hardened me up nicely.
My second cycle was in December of EQ. 100mgs/wk. I did it through the holidays, so I'm sure it could have workedmuch better. I had TREMENDOUS LIFTS with it. I had nice gains from that also, but some was more water and fat than I wanted. Only had a little bit more acne than the Anavar (var).
Just today I finished my 3rd cycle. I ran Anavar @ 10mgs/day for 5 weeks, and Prop @ 25mgs E3D for 4 weeks. Started my first kit of HGH 6 weeks ago. Plan to stay with that for another 16-18 weeks, maybe longer.Experienced even more acne, a little enlargement down south, and voice crackiness. Also, flipped out 3rd week in. Felt like a raging psychotic on more than one occasion. I am impatient bynature, and at times I thought I was gonna blow! I did have great muscle gains, although my lifts were not as huge with the EQ.
I will be starting some Primo tabs in about 4-6 weeks. Don't know if I will run anything with it.I would like to get 2 more gainer cycles in before diet time for Nov. show. It's a total Novice show, and I plan to win. i need to gain at least 10 more lbs. of LBM by then.
My fiance is doing 2 shows in July, and we're getting married in Aug. so it will be a busy year.
Now, that you know a little more about my experience, feel free to ask any questions about the Beverly diet, my training, my personal bests, etc, etc.!!!:wavey:


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Oh yes, since starting the Beverly diet, I do MINIMAL cardio. 15 min. 3 x wk, at best. Once you realize how much of this game truly is DIET< oh, how the body listens!


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redsquirrel said:
Oh yes, since starting the Beverly diet, I do MINIMAL cardio. 15 min. 3 x wk, at best. Once you realize how much of this game truly is DIET< oh, how the body listens!

AMEN to that... 80% is diet!!!

Now as far as i know of the Beverly/Elite Emage Nutrition they manufacture and sell natural supplements... but your saying you also got diets from them?? the bulking, maintaining, cutting... that is great!!! i am glad you found something that worked for you!!

Thanks so much for sharing with us RS.. :)

You are competing in bbing right?? I love the attitude... "i plan to win" :) I say the same thing.. when i step on stage it is because i am going to win!!!


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Yes, thanks for sharing your stats and whatnot with us.
Sounds as though you've got some definite goals and that's just awesome! You've progressed quite nicely stat-wise and it's only just begun. Keep up the good work!;)


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Dial_tone said:
Is the Beverly diet a female only thing? I'm feelin pretty porky right now.

Oh, definitely not. The portion sizes and number of meals increases. If you would like a diet, let me know what your goals are (cutting, bulking, maintaining), what your BF and weight is, and I would be glad to help! Also, what your diet looks like now, and I would be glad to helP!:)