how is this for a first cycle

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this is technically my 1st cycle, because my previous one was only 2.5 weeks before i stoped after hearing that my enan was probably fake. people were reporting no gains at up to a gram a week of the stuff, so i stopped and decided to buy new gear and start over.

10 weeks.

-pl test enan 1g weeks 1-2
-pl test enan 750mg weeks 3-8
-pl prop 750mg weeks 9&10

-dbol (not sure what type yet) 35mg weeks 1-4

-HCG (still trying to decide how im going to use this)

Im thinking about doing the test at 1g a week, but that may be overdoing it for a first cycle. I know the dosages are a little high but i like it that way, im looking to get very big, and hopefully the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) will help me retain most of it. Im going to be eating BWx25-26, and using HST throughout the cycle and 4 weeks post. Post cycle im using clomid, and i have nolva on hand during incase i have problems. I also have ldex, but i would only use that if i really run into problems.

What do you think?
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Stats; age, weight, height, lifting experience ??

Even without knowing your stats, you are doing WAY TOO MUCH for a first cycle and on top of that your front-load is wrong.
how would you do the frontload? i see some people doing it for 1 week and others for 2, i figured if i did it for two my plasma levels would get up quicker so that wouldn't hurt. or are you saying i should shoot 1.5g for my frontload?

im 18, 5'11'', 185 ~9%, lifting about 3 years.
im talking about right now, not 3 years from now.

im looking to get big, im not doing to do a 10 week cycle and look back and say that i only gained 15 when i could have put on 30.

what about the dbol dosages?
Why do you want to jump into a cycle when you are only 18 years old? If you can't gain naturally at 18, maybe you need to take a look at your diet, training, and make sure you are getting enough rest. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I don't think there are many guys on the board who are going to support your decision to start a cycle @ 18 years old.

BUT, I'm sure you will go ahead and do one anyways. 400mg of Enan for 10 weeks (if you decide to do it anyways).
IMO, at 18 you are too young.

Until the age of 24, your body is overflowing with testosterone and growth
hormone. If you can't make progress without drugs when you're still young, you
need to re-evaluate a few things -- mainly your training and your
supplementation. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to progress on a
consistent basis without drugs. And if you can't, chances are you won't do much
better with drugs. Steroids will also close the growth plates of long bones so if
you haven't reached full height, steroids may prevent further skeletal
development, not to mention, they'll be shutting down your hormonal system at a time when it's reaching maturity. Don't mess with your reproductive system at this point. You're going to need it.
goat_ass said:
im talking about right now, not 3 years from now.

im looking to get big, im not doing to do a 10 week cycle and look back and say that i only gained 15 when i could have put on 30.

what about the dbol dosages?

You are one of these kids that obviously thinks steroids are magic.....well I got news for you....there are not !!

This comment is not intended as a flame toward you, cause it's not......but the truth does hurt sometimes.
im not saying im not making progress without drugs, but the mass i will put on without them can't compare to what i will put on with them. if i do a cycle and put on a good 30, that puts me at 215. there is no way i will be close to 215 if i dont do a cycle, that is my logic, i know im not near my genetic potential, but most who use drugs aren't near their genetic potential either.

my training, other than the broken finger and hand i recently has been fine, i use hst, not concerned with strength but size. im sure you think all 18 year olds know nothing about diet etc but im comfortable doing a cycle with my knowlege of such things, i write down all my cals on a piece of paper each day and i take plenty of vitamins and creatine, i dont see any other supplements that would be of use to me or anyonelse that are worth the money you pay for them. only protein i use is hydro mixed with dextrose pre, during and post workout, along with 4cc vinegar ginger root and creatine. this is the summer and i have no school so i have plenty of time to sleep, eat and train and deal with any sides i may get.

i have been 5'11'' since i was 15, so i dont think im going to grow anymore, and i dont think shutting myself down for 10 weeks will do any more harm than someone who is 24 doing the same, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) should help with this also. when i was 17 i used 1-test (yeah, i know) at 4x the reccomended dosage for a 8 week cycle and had no libido problems during or post cycle. eventhough its a week ph i still hear about how people can't get a hard while on that stuff but i had no problems.

what about the frontload? are you saying dont use dbol and frontload with the enan? i no matter how much enan i shoot nothing will make it kick in "faster" because of the ester, but by frontloading concentrations will get up faster, but i still dont see it being too much if i use dbol also because of the diff in half lives.
no, never plan on competing, i workout for my own appearance. i see no reason to wait 3 years to get big when i can get big now, why wait?
goat_ass said:
no, never plan on competing, i workout for my own appearance. i see no reason to wait 3 years to get big when i can get big now, why wait?

Good then start eating and training properly and you won't have a problem.
Bro don't get upset cause the Bros are looking out for your health and safety. You could cause more damage to your body that you'll pay for in the future. Don't make a decision that could cause problems 20 years from now. I know 20 years seem like long ways away, but believe me it come faster then you think.

good luck on ur 12 week cycle bro, i think by the end of it ur going to realize that maybe u should have listened to the people who know about this stuff... I honestly dont think that ur gains will be any different than if u would have taken a lower dose, but its your body good luck, cause ur gonna need it
that is a lot of test for your first cycle, you will probably get same gains with 500mg/week. More is not always better so you need to quit with your attitude.
My simple opinion:
1) You are too young.
2) You will do it anyway, so make your doses half of what you said, take some liver protection during D-bol, HCG, keep clomid or similar post cycle.
Good luck (you need some).
I agree, doses way too high, all you need is a max of oil based test such as your test eth at 400 to 500mg per week for 8 to 12 weeks max. At your age you should be able to make good gains without juice anyway. I would save your drugs to use when you hit a plateau naturally.
Calm down bro, no one here is trying to get on your case, but all there trying to do is to show you that you can gain this size naturally. How many calories are you getting right now?

Weight Gainer!!!!!

Well I know your going to do the cycle so good luck and becareful.
BTW 1gram of test...c'mon bro get real lower it 500 at least.
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