How long between cycles?


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I just finished my 1st cycle on Friday was my last injection..and im already thinking of my 2nd...test/eq or test/winny..havent decided yet..but was curious to know how long should i to fire up my 2nd...of course it wont be until im finished with my post cycle from the 1st but i was curious to find out what you guys thought...stayin healthy is most important on this it should be with everyone...ive heard 1 cycle a yr is a good way to make sure you get cleaned out before you start far as receptors and not being shut down anymore...just give me some ideas..thanks!!


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Rule of thumb is to take a break that's as long as your cycle was.

Doubled is even better. Just to ensure your receptors are fresh and clean. If not and you start a cycle too early, your receptors are not going to be receptive to the next cycle, thus wasting your gear and your time.

I know it's tough to wait that long, but in the long run it's healthier for you that way. Health should always be number one priority. If your Jonesin for a shot, get some B12 or Kyno to hold you off until you start your real stuff. Good luck.