How long is normal for packs to sit @ customs?


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Hey guys, I hear many bros say that their packages have been sitting in customs for days, some even weeks. Every order I've ever made has been through in 2 days or less.

For those who know, how long is the average time for a pack to make it through customs assuming nothing is wrong? How many days is normal?

Along the same lines, at what point should a person start to suspect a problem (how many days)?

Would it be safe to assume that if your order passes through customs relatively quickly that it is fine? If a controlled delivery were to be set up, wouldn't it take a little more time in customs for the details/arrangements to be made? If that's the case, wouldn't it be a good indicator as to whether or not you should worry?

What does everyone think and does anyone have any insight as to how this works?

- Judoman
If I were waiting for a pack that had been in customs for more than a couple days I would be nervous, but that is just me. I mean like more than 4. It seems as if a pack should really only be there a day or two if they were just letting it go. If it is there for a while it just may be that they are swamped with packs and it is waiting to be processed.
Hey fellas

JohnnyB & DrVeejay - what up guys??? I tried logging into the site yesterday and didn't even realized that it changed hands again and I had to re-register. There goes my post count!

As for the question I put up above, I was just curious since everyone is really sweating at least one international guy who'd been running a sale on Thai androlics. I'm sure many of you know who I'm talking about. Apparently a bunch of his packs have been either siezed or control delivered. I'm not using the guy but I'm nervous nonetheless... hence my question about the average time an internation parcel will sit in customs assuming nothing is wrong.

Does anyone else have anything to add? Oh, and I have been tracking my order. I'll have 2 packs coming, first the one, then the other.

So far the first pack hasn't left the country of origin so it hasn't even reached our customs yet. Still, I want to know what I should expect. I've done international before and usually it doesn't take more than a day or two so I know that's pretty customary.

- Judoman