How To Make Cee Taste Good?


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i bought some cee and the shit taste awful ive mixed it with protein shake and orange juice and it styill taste like ass what do u guys do so it taste better either than cap it?


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cant really mask the taste. youll get used to it.

the more water/liquid you use, the more diluted the taste becomes.

you can also use crystal light, sugar free kool aid, sugar free tang, etc.

i just mix my BCAA/cee/taurine/etc cocktail with enough water so everything (kind of) dissolves, then i take a "shot" of it. It tastes horrible but goes down quick. Now im used to it and it doesnt bother me.


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I drop about 3g on my tongue then wash it down with water.

It's sour, but it doesn't taste bad.


apple juice covers the taste just perfectly and it doesn't take a lot of juice to do it and disolves just dandy.


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I take it every day. It tastes sour for 2 secs then you forget about it. If you drop it on your tongue and wash it back with some water you can hardly taste it.

If it is that bad, you can buy the powder and make your own caps. The powder is cheap if you look it the right places and caps are easy to make.


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I can turn out 50 caps in just a few minutes. Something like CEE is almost easy because you dont have to calculate filler or any of that nonsense, just make sure its nice and powdery and voila. I dont even bother tamping, I fill, and make another 50 as I go. 500mg fits into an 0 sized cap with no tamping.

Since you'd be burning through many caps a day though, and I already pop a ton of supplemented caps, I just throw it in my shakes along with various other nasty tasting supplements like NAC.

Life goes on.
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Trevdog said:
I wish I had a way. It tastes terrible, AND it gives me the shits.

One time and one time only did creatine of any kind do that to me. I made the mistake of having it first thing in the morning without any food first.