How to turn 2 grams of anavar or winny powder into an edible liquid form!

How to turn 1 gram of anavar or winny powder into an edible liquid form!

you want 50ml... then you.....

1g= 1,000mg / (divide by) 50ml = so you will get 20mg/ml ....

so you will want 50ml of everclear or bacardi 151 .... but wait... the 1 gram of var takes up space too, so we will need to subtract the space the 1g takes up from the 50ml of liquid..... ( I do not know the exact # here.. some one help, but I do not think it is more then a half of ml... so I just subtract .5 ml.....

so add 49.5 ml to the 1 grams and shack it up good....

***Eddit***added*** Boil untill all desaulvs ***end Eddit/added***

then one cc/ml at a time squirt it into the mouth and swallow...

each squirt will be 20mg var!

*first pic is pre-boiling*
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ok... Update..... I heard that the 50ml with 1 gramm worked.. so I took my 30ml bottle (thats what I wanted) and added 20 more ml of 151 then boiled again... this was yesterday..... and its holding up! So I think we have a winner!.... I will post an update later on tonight!


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after it cools it will go into suspension. just shake and take orally so it dont matter. i use everclear.


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gator_mclusky said:
This sounds way too easy....are we sure this works???

All your doin is carrying the hormone into your body as accurately as possible. You could sprinkle var powder on your cereal in the morning if it makes you happy, it just wouldnt be an accurate dose.


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Sunnuva, I didn't boil it because alcohol would boil off.

My stuff was completely crashed in 151, had to shake it.


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cromulius said:
so whats the big benifit to powder? Price?

much cheaper

Q: correct if im wrong but shouldn't it 1g of anavar displaced almosst 1cc so his liquid should have been 49 ml ??