How would you tweek this cycle???


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Got on hand...

Test Cyp
Test Suspension
winny amps

Thinking of frontloading suspension and dbol, then easing into cyp or omna...all the while using the fina

doubt I will bother with the Winstrol (winny) till next yr.

any dosage ideas, or critiques?

I am experienced, but input is always good when it comes to the board knowledge network...


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you're looking at a lot of (water) weight gain in the first part of your cycle if you front both the susp and dbombs, this is very hard on the body.

my preference is to use dbombs over suspension when i frontload and to use a single ester test as opposed to omna's or Sustanon (sust). i've done a few cycles similar to this w/ good results:

dbol 40mg ED wks 1-4
cyp 500mg - 1g wks 1-12
fina 75mg ED wks 1 - 12 or 14

whatever you do, good luck...