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Hey Mister

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Hi Swale!

Well now I'm really worried cause I was just with a girl this past weekend. We stayed inside from Thursday to Sunday straight doing you know what. Or I should say I was trying to do you know what!

Anyone to make a long story short, I could not get an erection. Got many chubby's but no erection. I only ejaculated once the entire time and that was at my jerking off viciously.

I'm going to go to the docs and get my hormone levels checked, but what is the normal test level for a 22 year old male suppose to be around???

I don't get any morning wood (very very rarely). What are other signs of low test?


ps- I have never ever taken gear. Never touched drugs. Don't really drink alcohol.
definately get it checked bro , there is something wrong , have you tried viagra or cialis ?
Sorry to hear of your troubles. It's way too early to call this Erectile Dysfunction, though. Is it possible she just didn't turn you on? Has this been happening on a regular basis? Are you usually able to get, and maintain, an erection? How about when you masturbate (alone)?
Thanks for the replies guys!

First off, yes I have tried cialis and that completely BOMBED!! Zippo response! Nada! Nothing! Tried all kinds of dosages, chewed and swallowed whole, etc. Nothing at all. Actually the only thing I got was a damn stuffed nose!!

Secondly, in response to Swale, YES she turned me on BIGTIME!! In my head (on my neck) I was turned on like crazy, but funny thing is my penis just would not respond! She was sooo damn hot she'd turn a gay man straight!

I can tell you this right now, no I cannot maintain an erection for any long period of time.

The funny thing about my penis is this. I need EXTREME amounts of pressure to get it up. When I jerk off I practically grip the thing as though my life depended on it. My girl was jerking me for me and was putting on soooo much pressure she refused to grip it any further b/c she was afraid she would hurt me. I told her I could not feel a thing.

Another thing is my testicles are very small....they've ALWAYS been this way. My girl even said ... to quote, "Your testicles are tiny!" I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but just thought I'd point that out as well.

As for signs of low test, yes I am tired often and for what I eat and how I train I don't put on muscle mass easily.

Where do I go from here bros? Any links to helpful sites?

Thanks in advance!!
Well, "your testicles are tiny": just what a guy never wants to hear.

And, yes, I do know of a guy who may be able to help you.
LOL! No shit my heart fell out my ass when I heard her say that!

Well I'm definitely gonna go see a doc on Monday, but what should I expect? Who will I be referred to? What tests will be done??

I'm not from the US so I was wondering if you know how it is done here in Canada? (I'm from Toronto). Do you know any Torontonian docs?

Question.... does testicle size have any significance to testosterone levels? I mean mine have always been small like I said. Is it possible to have small testicles, yet high test levels or is there a direct correlation between the two??
I got you all hooked up. Contact Dr. Larry Komer at:

He is establishing the most prestigious Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for men's clinic in all of Canada. It is in Burlington, near Toronto. I met with him and his partner in Sarnia just last Sunday. He and I regularly Consult for each other, and I will be lecturing at his clinic in the near future.

Dr. Komer is a brilliant physician, and also a very cool guy. I am proud to count him amongst my closest friends.

I am also proud and pleased to help our brothers to the North and to the East.
I just wanted to say that, as always, I'm impressed with how helpful Swale is. Also, I sent you a private message.
Just "spreading the faith" about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for men, Bro!
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Thanks a bunch Swale!!! Good stuff!! I will most definitely contact that clinic.

Can you answer this question please.... testicle size a good indicator of testosterone production?