HST training


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In reading an article from bodybuilding.com (the link = http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/hst1.htm), I wondered why more people don't use this method. I currently do not, although I remember some friends in college who reaped excellent gains using this method (they weren't beginners). The premise is, say you do around 10 sets for a bodypart in a week, most trainers do them all in one workout. Instead, this method involves breaking them up over three days, for example, 9 sets for chest on Mon. would translate to 3 sets on Mon., 3 on Wed. and 3 on Fri. So, on each day you hit all bodyparts, just performing less sets broken up over more days. Conclusively, you perform the same number of total sets per bodypart per week. If you're confused, copy and paste the above link. This article references a lot of recent papers and studies related to muscle growth. Has anyone trained like this?-- if so, did you like the program/results? I've noticed some intelligent threads on this site and it seems there are some experienced trainers, so I pose the question. Thanks