hulker turns scammer

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Is it proven that he is a scammer? I remember reading on some of the other boards that he was having Email problems. I can't understand him turning into a scammer. Afterall, he was the one who gathered all the info on The Almighty
This the same Hulkster that was after The Almighty? Im a bit confused.....
I've been hearing a lot about this, but there's seems to be conflicting stories. I wish the facts would come out.

I don't know hulkster but he posted some info in the almighty thread and I pm'd him and told him he shouldn't post that and he replied back that he would remove it and then went on to tell me who his domestic source was and it was none other than the one mentioned in that thread on EF. I knew something wasn't right.... you don't just pm someone you don't know and tell them who your domestic source is.... well at least I don't.
I hope there is an explanation for this....If not then it just goes to show that you have to be very very careful who you trust......
BTW. i (of course) do not back him up. as i never have i am on his ref. list as bigjay.

i dont want you to think im him too lol
Hulkster Pm'ed me a few months ago at elitefitness after i talked about ana Anavar (var) in a post. He gave me a source for Anavar (var) and a few other things that he said "his guy had in stock" I didnt have all that many posts over at elite so it was weird to me. I talked to one of the mods over thier and he said he had suspicions about hulkster. I knew somethin was shady, cause I had seen him talk about almighty and others soliciting through PM's like they were the scum of the earth and he was doin the same thing apparently.
seems to be a lot of domestic scamming going on lately...makes one want to go the extra step and stick with their respective int'l it is getting tough out there...

I don't know what the hell those idiots on EF think they are doing. Just because I bump a source, doesn't mean that I'm that source. Those assholes on EF, like EF Sam, banned me and Big Fed for returning newbies' requests for international and domestic sources via PM. Although we did violate the TOS by using the PM system to do that, we DID NOT SOLICITE ANYONE! RETURNING A REQUEST FOR A SOURCE IS NOT SOLICITATION! Furthermore, I nor Big Fed ever said we are sources----and we are not sources. I already emailed and told them that if they drag me into this scammer's bullshit by calling ME a scammer, there would be a defamation of character lawsuit. In addition, I'm prepared to file a harassment complaint against EF if they let their employees (Moderators) give out my personal information (including Credit Card) to people because they WRONGLY BELIEVE I'm a scammer.To do so would make EF Moderators/employees tools of harassment acting on behalf of And I don't think that Spellwin and EF Sam want the police up their ass again. But EF Sam and the EF Mods know that I'm not a scammer.......they are just looking for revenge against me, because I attacked EF about making the search button platinum, as well as all the nonsense about the hardcore censorship of posts and other problems.
godfather said:
WTF ever happened to the almighty, did he get the shit beat out of him at graduation?

Nothing usually ever happens to scammers, although I would be nice to hear I'll bet that nobaody went to visit him.
I just wanted to say that what comes around goes around......I have got scammed in the past by LS and I will deliver when the time is right....not every scammer gets away free.......
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