I just drank the P-Seven


Juice Authority

I can't believe I just did that. I have my liquid melatonin right next to the P-Seven. I took the P-Seven thinking it was melatonin. Oh boy, that burned. I feel kind of quizzy right now. Is that dangerous??
Don't worry I did that yesterday too ha ha, I hope it ain't dangerous!!!! I thought I was the only person doing that, I guess not lol!!!
That stuff tasted like shit. Nothing happened though. I feel fine.
No it's not harmful. I have promised the others not to post their names but there are many people who drank it because they simply didn't read the label.
I guess it's not as bad as people who try to inject liquidex.
BTW you actually get less of it in your blood by drinking it. That's why it's sold the way it is.