I just pulled about 5ml's of yellow pink fluid out of my leg....other questions....


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Well, since my quad has been pretty swollen, more so than normal, I decided to stick it with a pin and see what comes out. I sucked out about 5ml's so far of yellowish, kinda pinkish fluid. I'm assuming its from an infection. I'm shot QV Enanthate for a long long time, and this is the first time I've ever had an infection (if thats what it was) My question is, I always get some minor swelling when shooting the QV, no to much but always can tell the shot was there. I've taken tons of shots before, always clean, rub down the alcohol, ect ect. I'm curious could this have been anything other than an infection? When you take a shot and it swells up slightly, is that fluid making it swell up, or is that just the tissue itself getting swollen? Did I really have an infection? Or did I just suck out bodily fluid? On another note, my leg sure does feel better.
What I'm wondering though, is that everytime you get a little swollen, does that mean there is fluid? Like that yellow pink stuff? Or does that just mean the tissue itself swells, and no fluid. I guess I'm wondering if this was an infection or not. I think it was. My leg feels a thousand times better though. So it must have been something not right. There was no smell to the fluid. I made a particular point to smell it. Nothing I could tell. At first I thought I might have sucked out some test that was still left in there, then I realized how stupid that sounded, being that 1ml of fluid couldnt change color and turn into 7ml's of fluid. If you get an infection, does that mean the shot is wasted? Like the gear won't be absorbed because of the infection?
maybe you should consider cycling with antibiotics. i take them with my stuff. levaquin is a multi-spectrum antibiotic. kills everything.
When it comes to something like a possible infection, you best bet is to go and see a doctor. I don't think you can safely say out have got it all out and fixed the problem.
Something like that, left untreated can cause you some very serious problems, even going as far as being potentially life threatening.
WannaBe said:
maybe you should consider cycling with antibiotics. i take them with my stuff. levaquin is a multi-spectrum antibiotic. kills everything.

Doesnt sound like a bad idea. However this is the first infection I've ever gotten. Someone just suggested to me it could have been an oil abcess? And that I just sucked out a bunch of gear?
:puke: :puke: :puke: Anything that makes me want to hurl calls for a trip to the doctor.. I would not screw around with this one bro.... go see the doc
LOL..hes worried about his shot being wasted! OMG

Id go get it checked out. Ever thought what it would be like to have your leg amputated? That would be reason enough for me to go to a doc when dealing with a possibly severe infection. It may need to be drained, or simple antibiotics. I would not use the same gear ever again either.
i had an abcess removed, not fun very painful, got to the doc to late for the antibiotics to take care of it
Instead of worrying about your shot being wasted you should be worrying about a possible serious infection in your leg. Get yourself to a Doc and have it checked out. If it is an abcess, which that what it sounds like, it needs to be drained all the way, sanitarily cleaned out and packed. I know a friend of mine went through the same thing about 3 months ago. You shouldn't fool around with something like that!
Question: was the fluid clear (I know it had a color to it, but was it clear, like clear pink or clear yellow?). Also, was there any particulate matter, clumps etc?
It may have been a seroma, or collection of sero-sanguinous fluid. This is not an abcess, but could lead to one (seromas are a great culture medium for bacterial growth).
Point is, there's no need to panic, you may not need incision and drainage (although you did a rudimentary one yourself: congrats, doc!) at this point, but I feel you need antibiotics FOR SURE, even if they are prophylactic in nature. It's easy enough, and you don't want a surgeon opening up your leg when it could be avoided.
Don't be deceived because the leg feels tons better; of course it does, you've temporarily relieved the pressure. It may easily reaccumulate, so don't fuck around. Get a good broad-spectrum antibiotic, as others have advised.
Whew! Lots of replies. Thanks for all the advice fellahs. Eh, I wasnt really that worried about the shot billy, I'm just asking questions. Trying to learn. Regardless, I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. He's a long time friend of mine and we'll be the only people there on a Sunday. On another note, I just got done doing legs today. I'm not totally sure if that was a good idea or not but I set a new PR on squat. Crazy. Anyway, I appreciate everyone's words, whether they be criticizing comments or just plain "get your ass to a doc!" comments, they are all very much appreciated. I'll keep everyone updated. Thanks for the help.