I know its internet drama but.............


Steelers = SuperBowl
this exchange between King Kamali and Craig Titus over at Chad Nicholls site is pretty priceless:

King Kamali -- Hey Tom(Tom Prince), I got these vials here and I had them tested and the results showed that It's just plain old tap water.... What do you think I should do? I mean I don't believe that there is a soul alive that is evil and corrupt enough to take "vials" and meticulously take off the cap, remove the original content, replace it with TAP WATER, seal it back up ad then sell it to unsuspecting people as the "real deal"?!?! I'm stumped... What should I do? By the way, why the long face?

King "Truth Hurts" Kamali

Craig Titus -- King,

What your referring to (tap water)is a bunch of bullshit! I was ripped off with the rest of them long ago. Problem is now you're going to far, your stirring shit up that you know nothing about. Why don't you pay Bethony back her money you owe her for the years of sponging off her like a little puke. You fat piece of shit! I'm so sick and tired of your bullshit and hiding from me at shows so I can't get my hands on you. I know what you said about my wife. Greg Valentino called me and let me know what you said.......wrong move fat boy. I said right here on Chad's site. "the next time I see King Kamali, i'm smacking him right across his big fucking mouth"! That's not a threat, thats a promise. By the way. Kamali won't be doing the Nightopf Champions because he didn't send in his form to compete in time.

King Kamali -- Why is it that every time I make a post about "someone" selling drugs, using drugs, taking drugs, ripping people off for drugs, etc..... Your pathetic ass jumps in and immediately implicate yourself as the culprit??? Do you see how retarded and guilty you sound? Since you find it necessary to ONCE AGAIN involve yourself in my life I think this will be a good time straighten some things out once and for all with 100% PURE FACTS:

1. Stop bringing Kelly into this. When I think of her I think Pro fitness competitor/great routines... That's it. As a matter of fact the last two times (Toronto Pro & NOC) I was in front of an audience with the mike at hand I gave her some great compliments. I have nothing against Kelly and SHE knows this to be true, so shut the fuck up with that nonsense.

2. You implicated yourself with the "tap water" comment.. THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE NEXT TIME.

3. I owe nothing to Bethany Howlett. We have gone our separate ways... THE END!!

4. "Hiding from you at shows"?????? Are you fucking kidding me?!? LISTEN UP CRAIG BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL SAY THIS: YOU DO NOT EXIST IN MY LIFE. I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOU. I AVOID ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH YOU BECAUSE IN MY EYES (AND MANY OTHERS) YOU ARE A BACK STABBING, LYING, CHEATING, CANIVING SNAKE THAT WILL TURN ON ANYBODY IF YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GET SOMETHING OUT OF IT (remember Ameen or should I remind you and the rest of the people on this board what you did to that poor kid???). Your name does not come out of my mouth. You and I are exact opposites and that fact I cherish the most. Get a fucking clue and do the same when it comes to me... LET IT GO, IT'S OLD NEWS JACKASS! I was at the Expo. with my fiancee; I was at the meeting in the Double Tree by myself while you were 20 feet away in the lobby/bar area; I was at the night show and banquet with my soon to be wife (and on a serious note: When we got back to New York Barbara told me she saw you at the banquet passing out flyers for your party and you smiled and waved to her when I was not looking. This is one line you don't want to cross with me. I am a very patient man and will let a lot of things slide, but if you ever even breath the wrong way when it comes to my Barbara you might as well put a bullet through my head because that will be the only thing that will stop me from finishing you.

5. The next time you see me you will smack what??? You ain't smacking shit. Why don't you rephrase that comment to state what you really mean: SUCKER PUNCH KING THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME, just like you did to Melvin (who by the way has not forgotten to say the least) which reminds me, are you still carrying that machete in your gym bag for protection?? Is that not a parole violation??? I hope you do try something, I really hope you do.. It will be a dream come true for me and countless others around the world.

6. And last but not least the NOC. Craig, what I'm about to say I say from the bottom of my heart: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE, train hard, diet hard, practice your posing, take all of your supplements, hire the best contest gurus money can buy, and come to New York on May 31st, 2003 AT YOUR ALL TIME BEST! I BEG YOU CRAIG, PLEASE GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT. I WANT YOU AT YOUR BEST. In the past you have been very vocal on stage and off stage. You tried your hardest to get to me especially at the 2001 IRONMAN PRO and with all the articles in FLEX... NOTHING WORKED. The fire that you have lit inside me is almost demonic. I am training, eating, and growing like a possessed man. This time it's personal you son of a bitch. I am not going to the NOC to just win.... oh no... I'm going to embarrass the living shit out of you to the point you will lose you fucking mind on stage. My family, Barbara's family, all my New York warriors, all the LA people that you back stabbed that have been emailing me, etc.... Your life will never be the same again.. I SWEAR TO GOD!

King Kamali

Craig Titus -- King,

Your a big mouthed xyz taking pussy that's never had his assed kicked for what comes out of his mouth. Call it what you will, SUCKER PUNCH or whatever, I'm going teach you little bit about respect you fucking pussy. You call Wayne like a punk complaining about me throwing parties, u wine to your best friend about him getting involved in making some money with me and then you want to get your little diggs in on this board. Like I don't what your referring to with the Tap water remarks? You quit running your mouth for awhile and should have stayed that way. You see Weider is the only thing that kept you from having your jaw broken. You think Im talking shit.....afer I get done kicking your ass all over the stage, AGAIN, Im going to kick your ass for real. YOU ARE A FUCKING PUNK!


Craig Titus -- AMEEN....you stupid mother fucker! His door got kicked in the second day I was there when he trained me for Nationals. i dint have anything to do with that addict. YOU BETTER GET YOUR STORIES STRAIGHT before you start slinging mud punk!


A member from Nicholls site named Magnum -- I think the reason for the post from King stems from the recent article in Flex Magazine this month. Threatening to punch someones teeth in, in a national magazine is certainly no sign that you want to 'let things go". It seems Craig is having a hard time deciding whether he is a businessman or a Neanderthal. The fact that Craig responded at all to Kings' post showed that he (King) must have hit a nerve somewhere. To me this shows somewhat of a guilty conscience. (I'm referring to the Ameen and the tap water post). You would have done better to ignore it Craig. Another thing that bothers me is the dig you made against Barbara. You know, the model comment. Why bring the women into this. I speak to King quite a bit and he has never said anything against your wife. In fact, he gave her a couple of nice comments in his post and in turn you put down Barb. Not cool at all. Why would King make a derogatory remark about your wife to Greg Valentino?, especially when he doesn't even know him? If you REALLY wanted to know if it was true then the right thing to do would have been to call King and ask him. Then you would have known first hand it was nothing but a rumor or lie. (depending on how much faith you can put into what Greg Valentino says). It's one thing to flame on each other but quite another to have your spouse put down. I'm sure half the stuff you and King hear is nothing more than gossip to add fuel to the fire. I say if you guys can't get along then DROP IT. Let it go, cause it's really getting old.

King Kamali -- Magnum,

I looked all over the place trying to find where this mother fucker talked shit about Barbara but I can't find the post. Please let me know where it is... I warned that fat piece of shit about bringing her into this. Titus you have gone too far you cock sucking son of a bitch.

Magnum I'll keep looking but please respond ASAP!!!! And as far as the model comment goes you dickhead, why don't you go and pick up next months issue of Muscle&Fitness as soon as it hits the news stands and see what my finacee is all about. Once again you spoke without thinking and this time you will learn the hard way... And don't forget to send a copy to your new source and friend.... I would love to see both your faces when the article is released.

Craig Titus -- King,

You're nothing but a big mouth with no balls. As far as your gilr is concerned, haven't brought her into anything but for the sake of argument.....let's just say I did punk! You're not going to do a god damn thing! I can garuntee 1 thing, FOR SURE. You will be single again very soon. All it takes is a little time around your fat ass and a sick feeling sets in real quick! You know, that same feeling you get when your about to puke. Won't be long and you'll be standing there by yourself looking for some one else to suck the life out of. I have no more patience for your shit...just name the time and place punk ass bitch and I'll be there to smack you down. You don't want none of me but now you have no choice. You're nothing but a insecure punk ass bitch who latches onto any women that will show you some attention, punk!


Craig Titus -- Magnum,

You don't know what your talking about my friend. King was at the Sound Factory about a month ago and said something about Kelly that will not be tolerated. I won't even put what he said on this board it's so wrong. If you want to call Greg Valentino who was standing right next to him when he said it, do it. Go ahead and call him, ask and then let me know what you think.


Bob "Chick" Ciccerillo -- Craig-

First off, no one is going to be smacking no one...never has happened, never will.

Secondly, Better consider the source. I'm not so sure that Greg Valveolino is of any sound mind that I would put any validity into what comes out of that fool....

This stuff's getting old

King Kamali -- Like I said before, stop bringing Kelly into this. A lot of things were said at the Sound Factory and most of it brought up by your buddy Greg and Bob B. and Kelly was not discussed... Get off that shit you fucking felon. Some of the topics discussed were: Transvestites, what a horrible physique you have, why I can't stand the sight of you, swinging, my good old buddy Chic, and a certain video that is being circulated in the underground gay network in California which has to do something with a Japanese business man and someone that looks just like you (in your younger days). The conversation took 4 minutes at best and that's that, you uneducated jackass. Remember one thing Craig (and this is a fact), there is not one single human being I have met that likes you. Every appearance I have done all over the country there has been at least 5 people who come up and say that you talked shit about me. You are riding my coat tails ONCE AGAIN, to get some pub before the NOC.... It's not going to happen fuck face. Four of the people that you "partied" with at your after part sat. night pulled me aside and ripped you to pieces at the Red Zone. You have no friends, and once again that's a fact. Better hurry up and call JR, to get your 1/4 page article in FLEX talking shit about me or some other Pro that had enough of you. Here is a little word of advice slapnuts: instead of riding my jock and making a complete fool out of yourself (because NO ONE CARES about this anymore), why don't you go to the getbig.com board and defend your wife from those little geeks that are ripping her to shreds as we speak. Show some honor you fucking idiot. You are going by hear/say when there are, let's see, I counted 7 people that are destroying your wives name on a public board!!!

King Kamali

No posts by any Pros after that.
I know its bodybuilding drama but it was a damn interesting read.
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LOL i love this shit. This makes our sport so much more interesting, storylines. Its not just everyone training, preppin, n competing.
TooPowerful4u said:
LOL i love this shit. This makes our sport so much more interesting, storylines. Its not just everyone training, preppin, n competing.
Kinda adds a little WWE to the sport:p

That’s some funny shit. I never heard of BBs fighting. I would like to see them go at it. And I do agree that it’s wrong w/ bringing spouses in to it.

To me this is a joke.....:basket:
You're right, they totally sound like two jealous women!
It does keep us interested though doesn't it? This feud has been going on for how long?
Is it me or does Titus pick alot of fights with others bb's?

Just seems like he has been in quite a few rows.

Experience of my own and of seeing others tells me that sooner or later if you go picking alot of fights someone is gonna really hand your ass to you and shut you the hell up.
Well, some serious threats were being doled out by Titus, interesting to see if he really does knock Kamali out on stage and off.
BiggieSwolls said:
Well, some serious threats were being doled out by Titus, interesting to see if he really does knock Kamali out on stage and off.

i wouldnt doubt it, given his rep and past. out of all the pros hes the one id want to piss off the least.
TooPowerful4u said:
Yea i forgot to ask about that. What is his past rep? Why was he on parole?
dealing e. when they searched his house they found tons of roids. also had a past history of violence i guess. he likes to fight i hear.
bronco944 said:
dealing e. when they searched his house they found tons of roids. also had a past history of violence i guess. he likes to fight i hear.

Is that what he went to jail for? He was in there for like 3 years.
I thought it was more than that.
They must of found a gang load of drugs then!