I need your Opinion on this cycle


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I need your opinion on this Bros

This will be my first cycle ever and it will be a cutting cycle.

Week 1 to 8: 50mg of Prop ED
Week 1 to 8: 75mg of Fina ED
Week 1 to 8: 50mg of Winstrol (winny) ED
Week 1 to 10: 50mg of Proviron ED
Week 11 to 12: 20 mg of Nolvadex ED
Week 13 to 15: Clomid Therapy

What do you guys think of this? How much should I expect to lose on a high protien low carb diet, cardio 5 days a week and training 5 days a week one body part per day?

How much Clomid such I take?

And is there anything else you guys think I am missing out of this or is this a good cycle for me to cut up?

Should I add Clen and if so how much and for how long should I run it? 2on 2 off with NYC the 2 I am off?

I am also thinking of using EQ around 400mg, would this be good to put in the stack?

I am 25, 5'11, 270#

Should I also incorporate Milk Thistle in this?

Thanks Bros for all your help so far I really do apprecaite it.
This is my third post edit hehe.

After taking a closer look.. that looks pretty decent.
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Nice cycle, little much for your first, but you're a pretty big guy. I'd probabaly suggest you keep the tren and just use the Winstrol (winny) OR prop, but not both. If you use the prop, keep the proviron, but just have to nolva on hand. You can start the clomid on week 9 b/c everything you're using is so fast-acting. Dosing as GymChic has said. I would just use NYC the whole way through, don't mess with clen just yet.
It is a solid cycle, but there is no need to use all that! You are going to gain 20lbs no matter what you use. I would just take 400mg of EQ with the proviron for your first cycle. Although you planned this cycle extremely well, I wouldnt use all that stuff untill my 3rd or 4th cycle!
those people who can do Winstrol (winny) without shoulder or knee pain arevery fortunate indivduals. never again will i use that shit
I'm with gymchick on this one. Do not run a cycle without test. Drop the Winstrol (winny) or eq if you must drop something, but IMO there is really no good reason not to run it like she laid it out. Her timing is perfect also.

I would just shoot prop 50 mgs. ed with the other stuff, but 100 mgs. eod works just fine.

You really don't want to stop all those fast acting drugs in week 8 and wait 5 weeks to start clomid. Those 5 weeks would suck.