If test is test then why am I breaking out more on Prop?


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I ran Sustanon (sust) my entire cycle and am ending it with prop. No acne problems the whole time. Now my back is breaking out and I have 2 on my face, which never happens. It started pretty much immediately after the prop, a day or so.


Prop does weird things to me sometimes as well...prop seems to make my facial hair grow like mad....lol...

I have had no problems on Sustanon (sust), decca, dbol, tren or Winstrol (winny). Only prop.
Could you be reacting to the ester, but then again sus has some prop in it. Maybe the higher dose of prop is it, dunno.

well i noticed more acne and agression with eod fina, i know propionate is a little longer ester, but maybe the same applies.
I just did Prop 100mg EOD and no acne...funny because I'm very prone to acne...
Prop provides a stonger dose of test mg/ml than longer ester tests. Not only is it more concentrated, It hits you much faster. Have you ever had this problem with suspension?
I would not think its just prop, you were getting 50mg on every sustanon amp. Could be a build up of Androgenic sides, that just so happened to start when you started prop.
I used prop and my acne never really got any worse....but it got really bad afterwards when I used clomid! Damn that Clomid!!!