If your cattle need synovex or Finaplix, DONT USE la******vet.com

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Banned, had no choice
their customer service is horrid. I never got a return email, saying it was shipped, had to call both times to make sure they had shipped my cattles packages, and i paid for overnight delivery, but it took 5 days and 7 days respectively.
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hmm, i think i found out this reason, i always order on friday, the day i get paid, and it seems they dont process firday orders until tuesday or wednesday for osme reason, or so Shannon at customer service told me. I guess dont order from them on friday.
I ordered from a place in Florida on a Thursday and had it in California on the following Tuesday, with USPS even.
If that doesn't tell you who it was don't bother asking me.
well my standby place was in FL also, but i just wanted to try someone who had syno carts for sale by the cart, which my other company doesnt
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