In need of help forming a Deca cycle


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Hello, I am putting together my next cycle to contain both Deca and Primobolan. I want to take the deca to help with my joints. And I have already obatined some legit Primobolan (tested and approved).
I am currently 26 years old, ~192lbs, 5'11'' with roughly 10% body fat. This would be my second cycle (1st cycle: Sust, EQ, D-bol, followed by winni, and fina over 10 weeks). I am looking to gain some mass, but more concerned with lean-out as much as possible. However, I would really like to keep the deca within my cycle, again, for joint purposes. I would also like to avoid the decrease in limbido associated with deca. Any info, insight, or comments would help me out a great deal.

Currently, I am planning to take for 6 weeks:

450 mg Deca/wk
400 mg Primo/ wk

Would you reccomend throwing test in there to counter any unpredictable sexual side-effects assoiated with the deca? Or should I perhaps incorporate Fina into the cycle to insure my gains will be oriented towards gaining lean mass.

PS - Rhanks for any info/help in advance.
I would add some test or else you will have none in your body, which is a crappy feeling. The problem with that cycle, is that deca causes lots of water retention, so even if your gains are lean, they arent going to look it as you'll be holding a lot of water
yes add test bro, so you still can perform lol- junoir will not want to get up for you. i would run it at 500 mgs aweek

i would also extend the cycle for another 4 weeks. imo things will just start to kick in then your stopping [ a waste] get the most out of it as you can
I agree with house1, a 6 week deca cycle is a waste, it takes around 3 weeks to build up even blood levels and at least as long to clear your system, I would never bother with it for anything under 8-10 weeks