injection butt pain


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i was injecting 1 ml test 250 by qv on wed. i thought the injection went fine, but now its not fine! the site hurts alot and its really tight, and its hard underneath the skin. it actually feels like mike tyson gave me a charlie horse. but there is no disscoloration or no bruise, no afull smell, and im not leaking anything. should i worry about this?or should i quit whining like a little stickboy.:D
You may have moved the pin whilst it was inside causing some muscular trauma.

Also, it the area hot?? Could be an abcess developing
what a pain in the ass!

Yeah, it was my first shot of QV. Oh yeah, and it was warm and it still is. It's been six days and it is still there. Fucking weird. But, yesterday, I did another shot on the other side. This time I had to do both test and fina. So I put them in the same syringe, changing needles before injecting ofcourse. So far, nothing has gone bad. I don't know if my body had a bad reaction one time and now it is used to it or what. What do you think.