injection pain


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k im doin 1ml every 5 days of test 300 (150mg enanthate, 150mg cypionate)
planned on rotating glutes and quads. stabbed the first quad, hurt but not unbearable. now 5 days later i did my other quad and suck me sideways im limpin like a fuckin fool at work i gotta lift my leg to get into my car. i need some help here, i dont wanna stop cycle. i bought a heating pad see if that helps but also if i evap some BA i dont have enough syringes and shit and dont feel comfortable measuring it out again cause the ratio will be diff.
plz help :(

ps the pain is like someone hit me as hard as they could with a sledge hammer and it lasts like 5 days.

lol paint sucks!

Inject with a 25g needle. Massage the injection site for 3-4 minutes after the injection.

Hope for the best.
Maybe dilute the gear. Since your only doing 1ml at a time try cutting it with .5ml or 1ml sterile oil. The only compound I can do in high concentration is EQ at 500mg/ml, test cyp at 250, test ent at 300, tren E at 250 all hurt. Now I can take test cyp at 200 without much pain. So all I can really suggest is lower the concentratration if the extra volume won't bother you.
Quad shots are tricky little buggers. Most of time mine are just fine, a little sore the next day but nothing major. Then there are times where Marry Mother Of God, it freaking sucks. I have been there, all I can say is try to focus on what you do each time and see if sometimes certain things that change affect how you feel. I have an injection ritual, lol.
The more injections you do, the less pain you should experience. Try and tough it out unless it is absolutely crippling.
Well im running TNT test tren mix, pretty much as much juice as you can fit in a 10 ML bottle. The pain was so bad i considered stopping my cycle, this is my 1st one by the way. Some things i learned: NEVER inject your quads!!! unless u ahve a death wish!! Inject your ass nice and slow, rub the shitt outta it, then quickly run to the gym and do squats all day. .. i dont know what it is, but when you get heaps of blood flowing through the injected muscle it seems to ease the pain enough to allow you to go about your normal daily tasks. no more quads, dumper or delts only :D i wouldnt wish the pain i have experince upon even my worst enemy!
here are some tips to help: run the bottle under hot water for a few minutes before drawing and injecting, after injection massage and also use a hot compress to help massage...other than that try some aspirin :)
If I inject test alone it makes my quads sore for a couple days...I solved that by mixing the test with deca by doing that my quads wouldnt get sore