injection question

i did my first shot in my right quad and the next one in my left quad. but my right is still fuckin hurting , i did everything i was told to do , it just still hurts more then the left. any body know why?
LOL hes bein a puss. I did both shots for him. You guys are probably thinkin infection usin the same needle twice. Two different needles used, every precaution taken, alcohol swabs used too, aspirated, injected slowly. The whole 9yds. It was his very first shot and he did legs like 10min after i did the shot for him. QV Enanthate has some pain to it.
It's a crapshoot.

Sometimes my shots feel like I'm getting stabbed in the ass with a rusty steak knife. Other times I literally don't even feel a thing.

If you're like most of us, you'll become a masochist and look forward to injection pain. :)