Injection Related?


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Alright well on Thursday I injected some 400mg/ml test enth into my left quad...lower portion of my quad, I have done it here before just not with this stuff...this is my first inject with such a high mg/ml I"m wondering if I didn't shoot deep enough? I don't know, well here's teh point, I was fine the day or 2 after. Now my leg was sore's gotten progressively more sore. Now tonight on leg night. I look at my leg after like 3 sets of hacks and fucker is swollen to hell it looks to me. It might just be me, my wife said she couldn't tell, I am seeing it around the knee....I'm wondering if it's from the inject? Could this be an abscess building up? let me know bro's. thanx.
Well, if its an infection then the area is going to be a little extra warm to touch. You may feel feverish and one of the later-to-notice symptoms is a sort of red blotchines at the surface of the skin. I would be a little concerned seeing that the area was injected last Thursday. But thats just me. Has this ever happened before to you and gone away? Did you tweak your muscle doing anything physical since Thrusday?
An abcess starts off from an infection. This is what happens with injections. If there is bacteria in the oil, on the skin or on the needle, it could find it's way inside your muscle. Then the infection begins. It usually starts off as cellulitis, which is a moderate infection that the body starts to fight off like any other infection. If the bacteria is too strong or too much, the body will protect itself by enclosing the infected area with a hard shell to contain it. This is the abcess. It needs to be surgically removed unfortunately as it is useless tissue at that point. The bigger the infection the bigger the abcess.
So to answer your question, an abcess is caused by an infection. An infection could have been caused by bacteria entering the muscle via the needle, or the oil. That is why we all stress on sterility of injection sites, needles, and oil.