Interesting "theory" on Fina's Fat-burning attributes


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My theory on why fina burns fat...

I have not located scientific evidence to support this,but I think that fina(tren)may be a potent mediator of PROSTAGLANDINS,which are the most thermogenic hormones found in the human body.The reason I'm starting to associate the two is there are some similarities between fina and Lutalyse that are quite commonly reported.#1-A great deal of users report a feeling of warmth rush over them for a period of time following a fina injection.#2-Many users have what is referred to as a 'fina-cough' following a fina injection...An influx of prostaglandin molecules(or in this case a greatly hightened activation of them)leads to the lungs having to metabolize and break the substance down.Then of course is the fat burning that accompanies both agents.I believe that based on these striking similarities of the two compounds,that there may be a connection...Now,if we can only get the biologists to run a study for us...
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I can attest to #2
But #1 i have never had. I do get night swetas though occasionally, but i usually inject around 2pm.