Is puberty the answer?


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When our bodies go through puberty as a teenager our bodies are in a time when it is producing much more testosterone and GH than it has as a child and more than it will as an adult. It is during this time that the male body accumulates more muscle, lean body mass, and decreases fat from childhood. This haapens becuase as men we are in a constant state of positive nitrogen balance, which allows for constant anabolism. And in order to grow we all need to be in anabolism. If you amplify puberty 10x over you will get results much more than what you got growing up lifting weights. It is that simple. This part of bodybuilding isn't rocket science.

How does this all take place, as we sleep. Every bit of growing we do is while we sleep .Thge key is to repeat what your body did as a child. It is that simple. Now there are small contingencies such as which drugs to take etc, but the main premise is simple.

WHen you take 1000mgs of test per week you are taking 10x what your body naturally produces per week, add that with A-50, deca, EQ, etc which are all dirivatives of testosterone which only slight changes in carbon structure and you can easily when it is all broken down be into thoudans of androgens per week. If that isn't puberty I don't know what is. Now true, our bodies were never designed to endure this much that is why there are risks in what we do, nobody ever denied steroids weren't safe. Excess protein over over 400g per day for 1 year straight can place an invredible strain on the kindeys, as our kindeys were not designed for this. Our liver is more reslient and can take more punishment but even it has its limits, so this is where trial and error comes in and the medical community stops, becuase the medical community can only tell us what this or that will do in too high a dosage or when combined with this or that. But they cannot say for sure that this will have this reaction for everybody becuase we all know everybody has differnt tolerance levels.

As far as the GH goes, it is simple, like I staed before you want to mimick the way your body secretes Gh and insulin naturally, any other way is risking trouble. All you have to do is think logically. If other ways were better suited don't you think our bodies would naturally be doing them already?

Guys how do you think bodybuilders get as massive as they do?

I am not bullshitting you guys I talk to Coleman on a regular basis, I have talked with just about every pro that chad trains that has walked into Golds ( well now its the Fitness club, what a joke!!) They are not on plasma expanders, 30ius of Gh per week 5,000mgs of test per week etc, like all the bullshit stories.

They mimic what our bodies do naturally. Guys that go against that are the ones that fade out of sight and you never hear from them again. You wonder why all these top pros like levrone, coleman, ray, wheeler( well not anymore), vice taylor, etc are around year after year, it is becuase they are smart. They don't use thousands of mgs of gear, they would be dead. If you don't belive me go over to muscle mayhem. Everythinh TP says over there is truth.

There are no hidden secrets. Just smart applications, hard training and dedication.

Something to think about guys.


I read this and thought I'd bring it over for some discussion, I think he has a good point.

Hmmm. I dont mean to say what someone is saying is wrong so Ill just say that I disagree with some of that post.

He says he talks to Ronnie and a bunch of other people. Thats cool, but very rarely are the guys at the top of the sport really going to tell you exactly what they take. At the top Pro level, no one is going to divulge what they use to just anybody because why would they want their accomplishments looked down upon in any way?

Personally, I talk to some Pro's and a bunch of top level amateurs and from what I am told from their mouths, most of these guys are on pretty substantial cycles. Case in point, an NPC light heavyweight competitor. Finished in the top 15 this year at the Nationals. Heres his bulking cycle:

1000mg of Cyp/wk
750 mg of Omna/wk
600 mg of Deca/wk
45 mg of Dbol/ed
6IU of GH ed
10Iu of Slin post workout.

Now to me, that seems like a decent amount of gear. Id say a lot more then someone looking to just mimic how the body works during puberty.

Sure, thats only one guy but how about his buddy(another NPC Nationals competitor) who uses almost 3 grams of Deca per week with a host of other things during bulking season?

And what happens if one of these guys went Pro? Expect those dosages to go up. Its how much these dosages increase that seems to be well hidden.

I mean seriously, most Pros, the year after they turn Pro end up putting on close to 20-30 pounds. Seemingly out of nowhere. They understand that they have to take their physiques to the next level and along with improving their food intake and their training and maybe getting more rest/sleep, but are we supposed to be naive enough to think that they are not also upping the drug regimine?

Still, Im not saying what Maverick posted is completely wrong but I can say that the people that I have spoke with on this issue that indeed compete at a pretty high level have told me what they take and its a lot higher then what most think. Im not saying that some Pro's arent on low dosages in the offseason, because I havent talked to every Pro but it seems like there is a huge variance from what my buddy(Top 15 Nationals) says he takes and what guys like Lee Priest say they take(400 mg of Deca/wk). Are we to believe that the actual key to being a good Pro is to actually use a very low amount of gear? Im not to sold on that.
So how much are these guys taking?? I know a top 5 competitor on the National level and his bulker is pretty damn close to the one above besides a little less Cyp. We do have to take in the fact that these guys have excellent genetics.
About him talking to ronnie or who ever I don't care if he does or not. He workout in the same gym as Chad, but that doesn't mean anything to me. As a matter of fact I think the guy that wrote this has an attitude problem.

I guess I should of said which part caught my interest. I don't really care what the pros do, because I never plan on being that size.

What caught my interest is the pm hgh with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) bring back to that growing stage of live for men. That's what I'd like to get some responses to. I think that it sounds reasonable, why would we mimic our own bodys growing process. We have our biggest hgh release when we're asleep, so it would make sence to get your hgh in at this time. Sence your going to eating meals that will raise your insulin levels.

The reason it interested me is because my hgh levels are low at my age so I'd go with pm injections.

Is the idea to simple to work or is it to simple to believe it'll work.

Are we make it more complicated then it is?


Why is it that ronnie has such a 3D look to him looks like GH and slin to me. Plus that gut thats a GH gut if I ever seen one. The Pros in the old days didnt have guts like that. I know they were not nearly as big but take away that gut and they are a lot closer. Just my .02
BiggieSwolls said:
My fault Johnny. I kind of went off on a tangent.
No worries Bro. I just thought it was a simple idea that sounded logical. Guess I'm just an old man try to feel young again;)