is tornel products still good

im on qv enthanate and eq right now and its whipping my ass.
i shot on thursday and my leg still hurts like hell.
Well, Tornel won't be any better! In fact if anything their gear is probably more dirty then QV. Also, Tornel will be underdosed & underfilled. If you don't want to deal with painful inj., you may want to go with Euro gear. It will be higher priced, but it is alot cleaner and is human grade stuff. The Mex gear is vet grade, so it is not as clean and it has a high BA content, it's just a price you pay when you use the Mex. stuff.
when was tornel ever good? it tested out at what 144mg or soemthing per ml. Not to mention it was dirtier than my ex gf. Although i dont know if Tornel can give ya crabs.
what about qv cyp is it painfull at all. ive always used
mex gear and never felt pain like the enthanate of qv.