itchy scalp!!!!arhhh


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I am bald and I usually shave my head every 2-3 days. Since I have been on my first Tet only cycle, my fuckin scalp is always itchy. Before I hear and Head and Shoulders jokes.....relax, my shit is clean. Anyways, I am wondering if the whole hair loss factore may be causing this itching under my scalp. Or the hair loss thing could be a myth...who knows. Either way, I could care less about hair loss cuz I'm black, bald and buff....hhahha

any ideas!
Itching is usually a sign that DHT is attacking the follicles. Although you say you are bald it is likely that you still have some hairs left or barely noticeble vellus hairs.

Try nizoral shampoo 3 x a week to wash your scalp, leave it on for 5 minutes, it will take care of the itch.