jan cycle - let me know what you think?


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I have decided to keep it simple

weeks 1-12 250mgs 1cc of omnadren EOD
weeks 1-4 40mgs D-bol ED (4 ) 10mg pills spaced out through the day.

I am using the omnadren EOD because I get the full advantage of the prop in it. plus I have alot of it.

I have arimidex and nolvadex to keep the bloat and gyno to a minimal.

let me know what you guys think.
Simplicity is best...

You may want to run HCG throughout (maybe 500 iu 2x per week beginning a few weeks in) to help prevent testicular atrophy. I assume you'll be using nolva for pct?
Omnedren has suspention in it if i'm not mistaken meanign it should really be inj ED but once the other esterskick in you'd likely be ok. Blood levels will flux with that stuff though. ALso since omnedren has short esters it will take less time to kick in so i'd run 2 weeks dbol at the beginning and then addt again in weeks 11-2. then i'd switch to propl while I was waiting for PCt.
roccodart440 said:
Omnedren has suspention in it if i'm not mistaken

Nope, no suspension. It breaks down like this:

30 mgs testosterone propionate
60 mgs testosterone phenylpropionate
60 mgs testosterone isocaproate
100 mgs testosterone caproate
I always use 500ius hcg every 4th day through out all of my cycles it really works well for me.
I have been using Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) for 3 yrs now I do about 2 cycles per year. This time I just want to bulk and not take all of these compounds like i normally do. I like to try new things.

I will keep you guys posted!!