Jintropin Gensci Fake? Please Help


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Hey there,

I was wondering if someone could please help me out. I just purchased 5, Jintropin 100iu kits from a local source and since this will be my first time using I am wary. These kits are in the Gensci boxes with expiration dates and lot numbers. All the boxes have the hologram seal but might have been previously opened. After opening the box you run into the Gensci pamphlet for the product in English. Everything on the outside of the box is English. The Vials are the same as any picture on this site. Green top, but NO LABEL. There are no labels on the HGH green top vials and the mixing liquid above them. Is this normal? I've heard Gensci is inconsistent about bottling. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Thank you SOOO much in advance! This means a lot to me.



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Well HGHMike, a friend of mine;) received the boxes in one shipment and the rHGH/bac. water in another. This is just for exporting reasons. Haven't heard of any fakes.