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i was living in atlanta going to chiropractic school for a while, then i transferred this past april to Logan Chiro here in chesterfield, missouri (right by saint louis)

getting ready to start a cycle..

50mg Winstrol (winny) a day
400 mg test week
.5 mg arimidex a day
75 mg fina a day
ah heyyy buddy, i remeber ya...

*naturally anabolic*

hows things with you and aphaxi<sp> was it??
me and alphaxi are cool..

i havent seen you around elite in a long time....i've been gone from the game for about 8 months

good to see ya man...you're a good guy


did you have a different handle at elite? i dont recognize your name..

yeah im doing ok..been clean for the past 8 months..im sitting at 5'11, 190 about 8% bf..gonna start a cycle next week and try to get back up to 215 at 6-7% ;)
ROAD DOG said:
Hey what's up?
I remember you from elite,are you the one that had the cheeseburger diet?:)

oh yeah..i need to post that here huh? i gotta look for it..

and wanna impress, my avatar is me a few months back (about 6 months ago)

taken after a month of clomid therapy from my last cutting cycle in the winter