Keto Diet Post-Cycle - Good or Bad Idea?


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Will a keto diet make you catabolic post cycle ? It's time to come off - but the diet is going well.

Post cycle meds include:
HCG - 10 days/ 1000iu/ed - 1 week before clomid
Clomid: 21 days - 300/100/50
Superclen: half tab daily - 3weeks on 1 off
Creatine : 10 grams daily - pre and post workout.
Plenty of ALA

Is fat loss possible directly post cycle - WITHOUT loosing just as much muscle.
I try to lower my carbs, but keep Cals the same, i add more fat grams. I think it would be somewhat catabolic, maybe you shoudl go moderate carbs for two weeks, then go back to keto, i dotn know, im no diet guru,

Bump for more opinions
I would think as long as you keep your protein intake high enough, you should be OK..., but I too am no diet expert, LOL !