Lee Priest with Twinlab now ??


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In the newest issue of Muscular Development I saw an addy for twinlab, with Lee Priest...did Lee ditch Muscletech for twinlab ??

Ya, Lee left Muscletech but Im not 100% sure that he signed with TwinLab. But if you say you saw him in a TwinLab ad then its probably a good bet.

I believe Cormier left Weider and replaced Lee at Muscletech.
You know what I think is hilarious? One month you've got this pro plugging one company and the next month, he's with someone new plugging something else. I get a good giggle out of it.:D
BiggieSwolls said:
I believe Cormier left Weider and replaced Lee at Muscletech.

Yes Cormier is with Muscletech. He was even wearing a Muscletech shirt at the San Fran show after pre-judging.
lee was not with muscle tech at the olympia last year. he stated he had never used any of their products and they made up his qoutes. he has been with twinlab since then and says he truly believes in their companies quality of products.
I think muscle tech is toooo over rated. I think its ads hit a lot of the first timers out there and they don't know too much on supplements. Not to say I do know every thing, but when I am swallowing 76g of sugar from creatine per serving I think something is up. I am an Isopure man and MHP TRAC myself, you get what you pay for. If I wanted sugar I'd go to the candy store!!
DownForLife said:
am I missing something, I thought Lee Priest was with Prol Lab ( Natrol) ????
nope he switched and welcome to our board , lee was at the twinlab booth at this years arnold , i saw him there myself:D
yea thats cool! as Twinlab has awalys been my fav company. Thanks man, I used to be over at Elite for long time then about a year ago, I became a part of anasci, I like it there. I really like what I see here too though! I remember Lee no talking to fondly of Prolab since Natrol took em over. Hopefully he is happy at Twinlab which im sure he will be.