liquid research's liquid Arimdex and T-3


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Hey whats up all. Do any of you guys out there have any negative feedback with either of these products. Does it seem to be dosed as high as the labels say? The t-3 is like 125mcg/ml and the liquidex is like 1mg/ml. Thanks for any responses, peace out
The T3 definitely works, I am going to try the arimidex soon.

Here is an old post of dirty-dog

Liquid T3 is the example
there are approximately 60 drops (from the LiquidResearch eyedropper ONLY) in one milligram, thus:

~60 drops = 125mcg
30 drops = 62.5mcg
15 drops = 31.25mcg
8 drops = 15.5mcg

----- OR ------------

48 drops = 100mcg
24 drops = 50mcg
12 drops = 25mcg
6 drops = 12.5mcg

Wether its off by a drop or even two I really dont give a hoot, its very close. 25mcg though for me seems to burn muscle, maybe I'm having a bad week though.